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Connectra is the company focused on polyethylene pipe fusion and only fusion. Equipment and service that is cost-effective, robust and no-nonsense. Basic. Smart. Simple. Connectra is a member company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems.


Georg Fischer Central Plastics, LLC
The Simply Fusion Company

Just as our slogan "simply fusion" denotes, at Georg Fischer Central Plastics our business is fusion, pure and simple. Through our full line of equipment and accessories for performing the heat fusing of polyethylene (PE) pipe and our "simple is smarter" approach, we have carved out our niche within the fast-growing, multi-billion dollar PE pipe industry.

The benefits of Connectra fusion machines are many not only are they easy to use and highly reliable, their process-centered design means the machines have a broader range of capabilities than our competition.

Why make a job more complicated than it needs to be?
It's our belief that heat fusing of PE pipe is a technology that virtually anyone can perform with a little training - or at least it should be. Compared to our competitors, we offer simple, precision-made products that are efficient at fusing a quality joint. While we eagerly embrace and utilize new technology, we do so only when it has a tangible, cost effective benefit for the customer.

As a result, as long as you are following the correct procedures and quality assurance guidelines, our machines will basically do the job for you. We're proud to say our customers have reported time and time again that they experience comparable or better productivity, but less down time for maintenance when compared to more complicated equipment.

It's in the "jeans"
Connectra's "simple is smarter" philosophy has not changed much over the years. From the jean-clad workforce at our Shawnee, Oklahoma plant, to our hands-on customer approach, we believe we would make our predecessor, Christie Pipeline proud. Started in 1948 by Bill Christie, Christie Pipeline was born from blue-collar roots and a belief that a good company is like a good person: you keep your word, you pitch in, and you're there for customers when they need you. It worked for our forebears and it works for us.

Growth for an ever-increasing market
We work hard to keep this philosophy alive as we grow to meet the increasing demands of a growing market. The polyethylene pipe industry is poised for accelerated growth, particularly in the water industry as an aged and crumbling U.S. water system combines with an increasing popularity of geothermal heat technology to create a multi-billion dollar industry.

Georg Fischer Central Plastics is poised to successfully ride this future wave of growth in the industry. Our access to Georg Fischer's vast global reach and experience provides us the opportunity to bring our 'simple is smarter' approach to a larger, more international market while providing our current customers the benefits of synergies and improvements throughout our operations.

No matter how much demand grows for heat fusion technology, or how global Connectra goes in the future we believe our "simple is smarter" product offering will only increase in popularity. If a reliable method exists, why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

After all, it's not art - only simple science.


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