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Connectra is the company focused on polyethylene pipe fusion and only fusion. Equipment and service that is cost-effective, robust and no-nonsense. Basic. Smart. Simple. Connectra is a member company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems.

Connectra 2-8" Butt Fusion Machines

Connectra's 28 line of rugged and dependable butt fusion equipment allows you to make high-quality specification joints on 2" to 8" HDPE pipe.
28 Hand-Powered (HP) Butt Fusion Machine
28 Electric-Powered (EP) Butt Fusion Machine
28 Close-Quarters (CQ) Butt Fusion Machine

Connectra 28 Electric-Powered (EP)
Butt Fusion Machine


Carriage Unit Dimensions (three clamps)
Length28.88 inches734 mm
Width31.06 inches784 mm
Height23.75 inches603 mm
Weight173 pounds78.5 kg

Carriage Mounted on Frame
Length62.25 inches1,581 mm
Width36.88 inches937 mm
Height42.56 inches1,081 mm
Total Weight (all components)590 pounds267.6 kg


model 28EP 2 inch IPS thru 8 inch DIPS*
model 28EP-225 mm 63 mm thru 225 mm*

Electrical Data

120 VAC Single PhaseWattsAmps
Hydraulic Pump Motor2,04717.0
Total Power Consumption4,24735.3

240 VAC Single PhaseWattsAmps
Hydraulic Pump Motor2,0478.5
Total Power Consumption4,24717.7

*with the use of optional reducing inserts
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Support & Resources

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Connectra 28 EP Product Details & Specs
Connectra 28 EP Operator's Manual
Connectra 28 EP Exploded Views
Connectra 28 EP Insert Chart
Connectra 28 EP Hydraulic Adjustment
Connectra 28 EP Comparison Chart


This versatile hydraulic machine fuses an impressive range of polyolefin IPS, metric and DIPS pipe sizes. It can also fuse a variety of polyvalves, pups and mitered elbows. The 28EP offers three pressure settings for facing, heating and fusing, and its joining assembly can deliver 7,000 pounds of centerline-applied cylinder force. The 28EP is easy to learn and operate. Its controls are consolidated within easy reach of the operator. And, like all Connectra equipment you can expect low maintenance costs and a rapid return on your investment.


  • True centerline fusion force provides even loading around the circumference of the pipe ends for symmetrical bead formation.
  • Accommodates an impressive range of pipe sizes - from 2 inch through 8 inch and 63 through 225 mm. Miter joint capability handles up to 8 inch IPS and DIPS sizes.
  • Three and four clamp jaw in-ditch capabilities.
  • Modular design cart with locking wheel comes standard and delivers excellent field maneuverability.
  • Lightweight, hydraulic facer.
  • Lightweight, narrow-profile heater for easy, one-hand operation.
  • Incorporates a proportionally controlled heating element for maintaining heating temperatures within one degree.
  • Automatic carriage priority feature provides adequate pressure during the facing operation.
  • Ported for DataConnect or other competitive data recorders.
  • Rugged design with no "bells and whistles" means less maintenance expense.
  • A superior piece of equipment at an extraordinary price.
  • Limited three-year warranty.


We offer a complete range of accessories for the 28EP. Ask about reducing and mitered inserts, (available in IPS, DIPS and metric), stub end holder, and pipe stands. Accessories include snap in place liners for fusing smaller diameter pipe and our Ditch Kit Accessories.


Connectra Fusion
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Connectra Fusion
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