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Connectra is the company focused on polyethylene pipe fusion and only fusion. Equipment and service that is cost-effective, robust and no-nonsense. Basic. Smart. Simple. Connectra is a member company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems.

A Primer on Polyethylene Heat Fusion Technology

The Truth About Joining Polyethylene Pipes

For those who are unfamiliar with heat fusion joining of polyethylene pipe, it may sound like a complicated, difficult, and perhaps mysterious process. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Heat fusion joining, properly done, is SAFE and SIMPLE.
  • Heat fusion of polyethylene pipe is, basically, just a matter of melting two plastic piping components together. The necessary equipment uses normal electrical sources, usually from a standard generator.
  • The process involves cleaning the pipe, preparing the surface through either abrading it or facing joint ends parallel, heating with a special apparatus, and cooling under pressure - it's just that simple!
  • The process has nothing in common with "welding" steel pipe, and virtually none of the hazards.
Heat fusion joining of PE pipe is EASY TO LEARN.
  • Generic fusion procedures, approved by most major pipe manufacturers, have been developed by the PPI.
  • Unskilled workers can be taught the basics in half an hour, and be competent within a few hours.
  • Training is widely available from pipe manufacturers, distributors, and equipment manufacturers.
  • The process has a broad range of parameters to produce good joints.
  • The necessary equipment is widely available for both purchase and rental.
Heat fusion joining is RELIABLE.
  • Fusion joining of PE pipe is not new! In the US, it has been used for over 30 years in the distribution systems of natural gas utilities, and has a remarkable safety record. In Europe, where PE pipe is often the predominant water pipe, it has been used since the 1960s.
  • In the 1994 San Fransisco earthquake, authorities were astonished at how the joints withstood the stresses created by the tremors - better than any other piping product!
  • The joint is stronger that the pipe itself and the only water pipe joining method that is absolutely leak proof!
  • The natural gas industry has used a simple visual verification method for over 30 years to inspect joints. This process, combined with normal hydrostatic testing, has yielded an extraordinary record for both safety and efficiency.
SAFE. SIMPLE. EASY TO LEARN. RELIABLE. See for yourself - ask your local Connectra Fusion distributor today for a demonstration!


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