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Connectra is the company focused on polyethylene pipe fusion and only fusion. Equipment and service that is cost-effective, robust and no-nonsense. Basic. Smart. Simple. Connectra is a member company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems.

Why Buy A Connectra Hand Pump Fusion Machine?

The Connectra Hand Pump Advantage

  • QUALITY. The Connectra hand pump hydraulic fusion unit has been used for over 30 years in gas distribution, mining, industrial, and municipal applications. In December of 2001, just a few months after the Twin Towers disaster, ConEdison Gas Utility in New York City purchased Connectra hand pumps for its system, and continues to use these machines with high satisfaction. Fusion quality and integrity are comparable to any machine on the market, and many users consider this machine to have superior productivity.
  • EASE OF USE/PRODUCTIVITY. The Connectra hand pump machine is simple and intuitive to use. Many users think training takes 25% of the time required for an electric-hydraulic machine. This feature lowers employee cost while increasing their productivity. Joint productivity is fast, too: Some users report they can make 2 more joints per hour with a hand pump machine.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE AND DOWNTIME. The Connectra hand pump is an extraordinarily robust and dependable machine. With fewer parts and a simpler design, maintenance is easier and less costly, resulting in less down time, more productivity, and increased profitability.
  • COST. Although the Connectra hand pump has an initial purchase price thousands of dollars less than more complex machines, the savings just start with the purchase. Over the life of the machine, reduced maintenance and training costs continue to add value to your investment. The bottom line, experienced by devoted users over many years, is that the hand pump machine will make you more money and increase your return on investment.
Connectra manufactures the only hand pump fusion machines in the industry. For more information, view the 28 Hand-Powered (HP) Butt Fusion Machine for 2-8" pipe, or the 414 Hand-Powered (HP) Butt Fusion Machine for 4-14" pipe.

Just how simple are the Connectra Hand-Powered Butt Fusion Machines to operate?
View the 28HP in action.


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