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Connectra is the company focused on polyethylene pipe fusion and only fusion. Equipment and service that is cost-effective, robust and no-nonsense. Basic. Smart. Simple. Connectra is a member company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems.

Support & Resources

Connectra Fusion Calculator

This useful tool allows you to calculate the optimal fusion pressure for both DIPS and IPS pipe. Calculate Now.

Connectra Fusion Training

Need help with your Connectra Fusion equipment? This is the place to go. Learn More.

Connectra Fusion
Repair Services

Connectra's fusion equipment is extremely dependable, but if anything every goes wrong, check here to find the closest certified repair center. Find A Repair Center.

Connectra Warranty Registration

Just purchased a new Connectra fusion machine? Here is where you can register your product. Register Now.

Connectra FAQs

Here you'll find a list of the most frequently asked question about Connectra and the fusion industry. Read FAQs.

Helpful Links

For more information about the polyethelyene pipe and fusion industry, these website can help. View Links.

Connectra Resource Library

Product Manuals. Technical notes. Operator manuals. Exploded views. Insert charts. It's all here in the Connectra Resource Library.
Technical Notes
The Connectra Hand Pump Advantage
A Primer On Polyethylene Heat Fusion Technology
A Guide To Understanding Sidewall Fittings
Reasons for Incomplete or Uneven Melt Pattern During Sidewall Fusion
Statement About the Use of Data Recorders

PDF Documents
28EP Hydraulic Adjustments
618/620 Hydraulic Adjustments
Connectra® Electrical Load Chart for Fusion Machines and Heaters
Butt Fusion Calculator/Correction for 28CQ
314 Facer Stop Change
314 Heater Assembly Change
Side Equipment Chart
Generic Butt Fusion Joining Procedure for Polyethylene Gas Pipe
Generic Saddle Fusion Joining Procedure for Polyethylene Gas Piping

Maintenance Manuals (PDF format)
Outrider 1500 Maintenance
Outrider 3000 Maintenance
TD1, TD3 & 14M Heater Assembly & Repair Guide
Fusion Machine Maintenance Checklist
Fusion Machine Operation Checklist

Insert Charts (PDF format)
28EP Insert Chart
Connectra 414 DIPS Nesting
Connectra 414 IPS Nesting
Connectra 1442 Metric Nesting

Product Manuals (PDF format)
14M Operator's Manual
28CQ Operator's Manual
28EP Operator's Manual
28HP Operator's Manual
28LM Operator's Manual - Earth Tool - 101110
28LM Operator's Manual 101126
314CQ Operator's Manual
314EP Operator's Manual
314HP Operator's Manual
414SC Operator's Manual
620SC Operator's Manual
824EP Operator's Manual
Service, Mechanical & Hydraulic Polysqueez Operator's Manual

Exploded Views (PDF format)
14M Exploded Views-Parts List comp
28CQ Exploded Views - Parts List comp
28EP Exploded Views comp
28HP Exploded Views
28LM (101126) Exploded Views
28LM (Earth Tool -101110) Exploded Views
314CQ Exploded Views
314EP Exploded Views
314HP Exploded Views
414SC Exploded Views
620SC Exploded Views
824EP Exploded Views
Outrider 1500 Exploded Views


Connectra Fusion
Pressure Calculator

Connectra Fusion
Product Guide

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